My Technical Skills

Web Development

My time in the Computer Systems Technology program taught me essential web development skills. I have experience developing websites that interact with SQL databases, formatting these websites with CSS, and manipulating them using JavaScript. Here's a breakdown of my web development skills:

  • PHP Experience
  • HTML5 Experience
  • CSS3 Experience
  • JavaScript Experience
    • jQuery Experience
  • Web Framework Experience
    • Bootstrap Experience
    • Laravel Experience
    • Django Experience

I have also used ASP.NET, although I don't commonly develop web applications with it.

Application Programming

Programming is an aspect of Computer Science that I'm most passionate about. I enjoy the challenge of coding an interesting project, and I love putting together powerful programs that are useful in real-world applications.

I have experience developing programs using C, C# and Java. I have experience working with data structures, simple network interactions, as well as creating graphical programs that make use of multi-threading. I have also previously used MIPS, Swift, Perl and Bash, although I don't commonly use these languages.

System Administration

I have experience administrating Windows computers using Windows Server 2012 R2. Some tasks I'm able to do with Windows Server 2012 R2 include:

  • Set up a Windows domain
  • Deploying DHCP and DNS servers
  • Create and deploy GPOs
  • Set up a VPN server
  • Set up WSUS and WDS servers

Microsoft Office Suite

I have experience with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access. I'm comfortable working with all three programs, and some of the features I can use in these programs include:

  • Microsoft Word
    • Mail Merge
    • Table of Contents
    • Tables
    • Macros
  • Microsoft Excel
    • Formulas including built-in Excel function
    • What-If analysis
    • Data validation
    • Macros
  • Microsoft Access
    • Table and Table Relationship Creation
    • Table and field data validation
    • Query Creation
    • Form Creation
    • Report Creation

My Recent Work