Industry Experience

Yardi Systems

I started working at Yardi Systems in May 2018 for a 16-month internship. I worked on the Yardi Pulse project, and was part of a back-end team responsible for maintaining building optimization algorithms, and long-term building sensor data storage. I was able to meet great people during my internship and learn valuable skills such as:

  • Working in a large enterprise code base
  • Create custom in-house solutions for complex customer problems
  • Diagnose and solve multithreading issues across multiple nodes
  • Diagnose and solve performance issues across multiple nodes using profilers
  • Working with Cassandra databases (V1 and V3)
  • Managing Java project dependencies with Maven

After my internship finished I started working at Yardi permanently, and now work on an upcoming multifamily IoT project.

Lexcom Systems Group Inc.

I spent a summer term in 2017 working with Lexcom Systems Group Inc. on their PipeAngel project. PipeAngel is advertised as a "Next Generation Business Management Platform [that provides] unparalleled visibility into asset, maintenance & inspection activities using next generation technology". My work dealt mainly with the automated meter reading aspect of the project, and during my summer term, I was able to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Develop a proof-of-concept to show that thousands of individual meter readings per minute can be processed in real-time
  • Optimize API calls for the PipeAngel project
  • Speed up backend queries, resulting in valuable time savings
  • Document all API endpoints, and implement API help pages
  • Implement metadata logging for the PipeAngel project

The PipeAngel automated meter reading system is currently being used by water utility providers in both Canada and the United States.